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Bethesda Confirms Third Skyrim DLC Dragonborn

Run the gamut of the extra content from Hearthfire and Skyrim and ready to leave behind the late night excursions to Tamriel? Not a chance.

Just as many Skyrim players are ready to shirk their Skyrim-fueled addictions in favor of other fictional worlds, Bethesda opportunely unleashes Skyrim's latest DLC, leaked by an avid fan who dug into the source code of a Skyrim PC update.

Dubbed Dragonborn, this DLC will be set on Solstheim, an island just east of Skyrim. Solstheim was previously the setting of the Morrowind DLC Bloodmoon, which dealt with werewolves. For those who aren't quite into werewolf or vampire lore, don't worry. The Companions brought plenty of werewolf content to Skyrim that Bethesda probably doesn't plan on expanding upon. Instead, Dragonborn will deal with the first Dragonborn, who was said to rule over Solstheim and devour dragons. Dragonbeast, the name of the first Dragonborn, has apparently made a return to Solstheim and his dragon-devouring ways.

Few other details have been revealed about the DLC. However, if Mardoxx, the Bethesda forum user who dug into the Skyrim source code to uncover details about Dragonborn in the first place, is to be trusted (and so far, everything he revealed has proven true), then Dragonborn will also feature dragon mounts, bone armor, and spears.

Dragonborn will be releasing in just a month on December 4th on Xbox 360 for 1600 MSP ($20). No PC or PS3 release dates have been mentioned, though there's little doubt that a PC version won't be far behind. However, considering the issues that Skryim has been having with the PS3, it looks like Dragonborn probably won't be coming to the PS3 in the near future.  

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