Caption Contest: Gates and Jobs Do Dinner

Last week we included the picture below in a news post and a bunch of people asked us why we hadn't used it for a caption contest. Well, it's Friday and I'm in a giving mood so I'm relenting and giving you what you want. I'm also including a second picture of Gates and Jobs, just in case you're in dire need of an outlet for all that creative energy.

Also, here's the best captions from the last contest, "What's Steve Jobs Thinking?"

Parrdacc: "Money, Money, Money. How can I get more MONEY."

Sabot00: "How do I run a game on this thing?"

tech603: "How the hell can I sell all these iPads..."

dagonoth: "DAMN IT, where's the start button!!!!!"

duanes1967: "Hmmm - Right Click and then save - Damn! This mouse only has one button"

seasonaleclipse: "Hm, Windows 7 really doesn't run too bad on here."

Abrahm: "I think I need to change my iPad"

jakthebomb: "How do i get this Blu-Ray disc to play?

mrmez: "Mmmmmmm, two iSight cameras. Now I'm twice as sexy."

SoiledBottom: "What was my password again ?........Thats right its Microsoft"

markus-san: "How do I tell them that I'm a PC?"

logitic: "Hmmm, how can I get out of this awful contract with AT&T?"

Hellbound: "iSlate, now thats a dumb name..."

duanes1967: "You have 2480 viruses. Please click now to install Personal Virus Scanner."

hellwig"Hmm.... sell a couple million Disney shares, shift some funds out of my old NeXT 401k, yep, I should be able to buy every last iPad and report the release as a success."