Demand For PC-use BD Drives To Take Off From Slim-type Models, Says PLDS


The global demand for PC-use Blu-ray Disc (BD) drives has not yet emerged, but it will take off from slim-type models for use in notebook PCs rather than half-height (H/H) models for use in desktop PCs, according to general manager Charlie Tseng for Optical Disc Drive Business Unit of Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions (PLDS, a joint venture between Philips and Lite-On IT). As desktop PCs sell at $299-399 while notebook PCs are worth much more at US$1,200-1,500, the proportion of the former’s total production for H/H BD drives is much larger than that of the latter’s for slim-type BD drives, Tseng indicated.

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  • shovel
    Apart from HD video, you only really need Blue Ray storage sizes for backups/archiving (from my perspective)

    Let's see - a good DVD burner costs under $40AU in OZ and the media is cheap as... but burning 10-50GB backups takes too long & is a hassle with all the DVD's.

    Now I can get and 500GB eSata drive & ext case/PS for under $150AU - speed is awesome, reliablity is great - & it's easy as - plug in & file copy...

    So, no way am I going to buy a Blue ray drive until:
    1 - It costs less than $150AU
    2 - Its gotta burn at least 4x (BD) speed
    3 - The 25GB media is under $2AU

    Also, we really need a decent ReWriteable format, as most (if not all) re-recordable CD & DVD formats/media are pathetic. (Slow, unreliable & don't last)

    Apart from movies, BlueRay just doesn't give a compelling reason to buy at its current price. What with HDD & Flash size/cost dropping so fast, BlueRay could be in danger of being skipped by PC users unless its price drops to about 2-3 times a current DVD burner. (< $150AU)

    Well, that's my 2 cents worth...