Brando Makes Huge Mouse for Huge Hands

Looking for a big mouse for your desktop? How about a really, really big mouse? Then you're in luck, as Brando is now offering a USB mouse that's around twice the size as your standard optical peripheral. This device is seemingly ideal for those with really huge hands, or for those who seemingly can't get enough of palming a football.

According to the specs, the device measures 6.88 (L) x 4.13 (W) x 2.16 (H) inches, and weighs approximately 0.385 pounds. It also features six blue LEDs mounted inside which shine through a translucent edge. Other than that, the mouse seemingly provides the standard mouse wheel and two buttons.

As for technical specs, Brando doesn't offer any additional details save for a batch of impressive screenshots - the company even compares the device's freakish size against Apple's slim and elegant iPhone. Still, interested consumers can purchase this giant peripheral for $20 by heading here.

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  • de5_Roy
    it looks like a tiny racecar!
    additional uses: side pillow, skateboarding, floatation device for middle-of-the-night rescue operations, substitute segway, iphone mod.
  • RabidFace

    I guess now Andre the Giant has found his perfect mouse :)
  • DSpider
    It's a very small market, meaning not a lot of people will buy it. Especially in a world where technology gets smaller, thinner... What were they thinking?