CeBIT 2008: MSI Shows Passive Fan for Chipset

Here’s another prototype that could have been quite interesting. It’s at least very original and comes from MSI. The ECOlution (the developed by the Taiwanese Polo-Tech) is a passive fan for northbridge. What we mean by passive fan is that this cooling system doesn’t need a fan when the chip is idle. However, when in peak, the heat generated by the chipset is used to dilate a gas that will move a piston that in turn will move the blades of the fan that’s placed in front of the heat sink’s extension linked with 2 heat pipes.

In reality, the prototype never moved when we were there, thanks to the CPU’s cooling system that was powerful enough to cool the chipset’s heat sink. In other words, it didn’t require any specific ventilation (and that’s all for the best).

More of a gadget than anything (it’s not even certain that it’ll see the light of day), MSI told us that it might develop a similar cooling system, but for processors. We can’t wait to see that.

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