CeBIT 2008: New CPU Coolers from Thermaltake

Double vision - Thermaltake’s DuOrb cooler and a grown-up V1

If you need good cooling performance but one cooler just isn’t enough, there is an obvious solution - just take two instead. It seems that is what Thermaltake’s engineers must have been thinking when they came up with the DuOrb CL-P0464 cooler. It consists of two coolers stemming from the Orb series that are connected to the CPU cooling block via heatpipes.

A dual-fan DuOrb

Thermaltake also unveiled the successor to its V1 cooler. The Dual-V V14Pro is basically a V1 - just much bigger. I sports a 140 mm fan and six heatpipes. The cooler supports all processors using the AM2/AM2+ and LGA775 platforms. Modders will also like the cooler for its blue fan.

The V1’s huge cooler with a 140 mm fan

Thermaltake at CeBIT 2008: Hall 24/stand C02

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