Cooler Master's New Gaming Mouse for MMOs

CM Storm (Cooler Master) said Thursday that it plans to debut a gaming mouse at QuakeCon 2010 specifically designed for MMO players. Called the Inferno, the peripheral will come "equipped" with a 4000 DPI twin laser sensor (with a custom laser engine), 128KB of on-bard Sentinel-X memory, and the company's new Storm Tactics Multiplayer key.

"The CM Storm Inferno was designed from the ground up to be a gaming mouse with MMOs in mind," the company said. "With no less than 11 buttons, nine of which are programmable, you have access to everything you need just a simple click away. In addition, with a lift-off distance of 2-mm, 1000 Hz polling, 1ms response time and a max speed of 115 inches per second and you have a well rounded gaming mouse."

CM Storm added that the mouse has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort over extended periods of time. The included Storm Tactics Multiplayer key grants access to 32 extra button outputs for macros, scripts, rapid fire and other commands. The Advanced Storm MacroPro key provides a means for quick and easy setup for macros, scripts and mouse actions while the Rapid Fire Tactical key "is ideal for getting out of tight corners when you need to lay down a lot of fire power quickly."

Pricing and availability was not provided, however we're betting more will be announced at QuakeCon 2010.

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  • oboelcke
    Thist mouse has 2.6 times more RAM than my first computer lol.
  • jplarson
    128KB of memory is all you'll ever need in a mouse :)
  • Other Comments
  • jerreece
    128KB of on-bard Sentinel-X memory

    On-board? Cause on-bard would be an RPG thing, not an MMO thing. ;)
  • Onus
    Hmmm, sounds like $15-$20 worth of parts...if they can keep the price to around $40, I'll probably buy one right away; else I'll wait until the novelty wears off and pick it up from the discount bin next year.
  • stox
    a max speed of 115 inches per second

    Who moves their mouse nearly 10 feet a second????