Caption Contest: Happy Birthday, Steve Ballmer!

I tried to find a picture of Steve with a cake or a birthday hat, you know, because it's his birthday and all. Unfortunately the closest thing I could get was Bill Gates covered in pie, so I settled for just Steve looking really, really happy. This is the happiest picture I could find. Caption away, my little darlings!

Here are the top ten from last week's post:


Schmidt: "On display today is Mr. Jobs! Who somehow has managed to make millions and millions of dollars all while wearing the same set of clothes for the past 5 years. It's just incredible!"


Eric: " And here to my right, we have the devil himself. Because only the devil can convince so many people to buy overpriced hardware with heavily limited OSes."

Steve: "Awww, why thank you Eric. It's funny how many people don't notice my logo is actually the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eve."


Steve - "You aren't still upset about being booted from the Apple board are you?"

Eric - "Not really, in fact I'm in such a good mood I just told all of China that their leaders murdered protestors 21 years ago in Tiananmen Square"


Eric: I hold in my hands every innovation Apple has made over the last 10 years!

Steve: There's a truck out back filled with the patents for all of that innovation!


Eric: How about a Hug?

Jobs: Let me patent myself first...


Steve: I am a mac

Eric: I am an Android.


Eric: "Why hello Steve, lets be friends!"

Steve: "Do Not Want!"


Eric - "Ladies and gentleman! I give you the visionary of 'magical' devices, such as the iPad, Mr. Steve Jobs! I believe he is the only man who has surpassed the great David Copperfield in Magic and Illusion!"

Steve - "Why Thank you Eric...hey! Wait a minute..."

  • whiz
    "I totally control that girl's mind..."
  • rambo117
    cingular: raising the bar
  • jonpaul37
    Ballmer & random Asian girl: "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile."

    random Asian guy: "Bend over and tell that to my West Siiiiiiied Shocker!"
  • brennon7
    "Two people about to receive the shocker"

    Really, why is that guy putting up the "shocker?"
  • Rancifer7
    "Hey I thought those face suckers were....oooo look at the pretty lights."
  • leo2kp
  • nicklasd87
    "Smile if you know you look ridiculous"
  • bogcotton
    Muahahahahahaahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! You have fallen for my evil plan. These mind control devices will give me power over one of the biggest companies in the world, and the woman I love. ***Throws west side sign for extra gangsta***

    Stop making me smile you bastard! SOMEBODY HELP.

    This is kind of kinky. XD
  • batkerson
    "We girls have to stick together, even in hair styles!"
  • Ryun
    Ballmer - "How long did you say I have to wear this thing until my hair grows back?"