Carbon Transistors Promise More Speed and RAM Capacity

If claims made by scientists at Tel Aviv University (TAU) are to be believed, the transistors consisting of C60 molecules (the name is derived from a 60 carbon atom structure) can be built in a smaller sizes and could operate much more efficiently.

Elad Mentovich from TAU found that other than silicon transistors, his C60 transistors can both store and transfer energy and do not need the capacitor that is required for a silicon transistor. The result would be more room for transistors and reduced energy consumption. According to Mentovich, the carbon transistors could be built as small as 1 nm and manufactured on today's manufacturing equipment.

"When this new technology is integrated into future devices, you will have much more memory on your smartphones and tablets, approaching the level of a laptop," Mentovich said. "With that kind of memory, you'll be able to run applications simultaneously, and because it is low voltage, power consumption will fall and battery life will be longer." There was no information on the potential performance of the C60 transistors.

The next phase of the research is to find a production fab that will actually produce the transistors.

  • spartanmk2
    Cool story!
  • brett1042002
  • GreaseMonkey_62
    Don't tease me, bring it to life. I want my 4 gig smartphone already.
  • gm0n3y
    I can't wait until tech like this comes to market. The pace of research just keeps accelerating and given the average ~10-15 year turnaround to market, we are going to start seeing some awesome advancements / new products at an ever increasing rate.
  • Kami3k
    Can't wait for carbon and graphene to be used more and not just hear stories about them! Seems like a great time to be alive for a nerd!
  • freggo
    Wondering who will have the first 1TB phone, and when :)
  • Horhe
    Instead of more memory I'd like more battery life. I don't need a phone with 8 GB of RAM whose battery lasts only a day.
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    Wouldn't the carbon just float away when it gets hot?
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    Is graphene flammable?
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    An I the only one who lol'ed hard when read