CherryPal Launches Cheap-as-chips $99 Laptop

Aiming to compete with the likes of OLPC and Intel's Classmate PC, CherryPal has launched CherryPal Africa, a $99 computer designed to help school children in developing countries.

In a move that shouldn't be surprising considering the device's price, you won't see Intel's Atom or even a well known ARM-based processor in this machine. PCMag reports that the device packs a relatively unknown Chinese processor called the XBurst.

With clock speeds of just 400MHz, the device is definitely a little underpowered, but CherryPal says the device packs enough punch to get what you want done. Founder of CherryPal Max Seybold acknowledged the fact that the device will not be very speedy, "The Africa is slow," he told PCWorld. "But [it] works and is robust." Seybold went on to explain that there are plenty of people who want to access the internet but can't. The CherryPal is trying to bridge that gap.

Its 400MHz CPU aside, the mini-notebook boasts 256MB of RAM, a 2GB flash drive, a 7-inch color screen, integrated Wi-Fi b/g wireless networking, wired networking, one USB 2.0 port and two USB 1.1 ports, a microphone and a built-in speaker. According to CherryPal, the device's lithium battery is good for four hours.

Despite the fact that they're pushing this towards the developing world, CherryPal's site does say, "Whether you live in Ghana or Texas, the Cherrypal Africa is right for you!" So we're assuming it will be available in the states today. With that said, who's interested?

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  • deadlockedworld
    Umm. I think i could get better internet access from an ipod touch.
  • norbs
    deadlockedworldUmm. I think i could get better internet access from an ipod touch.Your probably right, but be careful what you say this is toms hardware, mentionin' Apple round' hur' are fightin' words.
  • h0llow
    good to hear that people are making an effort in this world! although it has low specs, it definitely gets the job done.
  • adaman2576
    i can already see the rednecks lining up at Walmart right now. "A computer for 100 bucks. Looks like i'm finally gonna get on that there internet"
  • Abrahm
    I wonder why they chose to put what looks like the Windows XP background on the screen when this most likely comes with some form of Linux?

    Cool idea. I can see these being good for young kids that you want to get a computer but don't want to spend a whole lot on.
  • flyinfinni
    Interesting machine. Pretty underpowered, but I guess, like they said, it can get the job done (if you have time:-)
  • Niva
    Looks like it's running XP? Any more info available about the CPU, I'm guessing 386 architecture?
  • hannibal
    Yes indeed. $99 is not bad at all for surfing board. It seems to have full sized keyboard. It would be nice to see some Toms Hardware test from this item.
    a) Can you really surf with it?
    b) Is the keaboard good enough?
    c) how portable (heavy) the device is?
    d) How long the battery last?

    It's no good of testing anything heavier, but maybe PC-suite for office programs?

  • Platypus
    For developing countries... You have a little boy in a village going to school under some hut, and he whips out a little laptop to take notes while his classmates are writing on miniature chalkboards?

    I think the reference to rednecks above is a much more justifiable use of this product.
  • norbs
    NivaLooks like it's running XP? Any more info available about the CPU, I'm guessing 386 architecture?Uhh yeah 400mhz 386... where you joking when you guessed that? No chip manufacturer would go back in time use an outdated chip design if they had to manufacture one today, even if it's aiming for value.