CherryPal's $250 PC delayed

Chicago (IL) – You will have to wait for that Cherrypal cloud computing PC a bit longer. The device was originally planned to begin shipping on August 4, but has been hit with a few hiccups.

CherryPal told us that the unit was complete in July, but the company made a decision to upgrade the solid state storage to a faster, higher quality version that was previously used. The hardware is currently working perfectly, we are told, but it appears that the software did not respond too well to the upgrade.

The PC will not be shipped until there are a few tweaks made to adjust the OS to the new hardware, CherryPal representatives said. Because the company is making software changes rather than hardware changes, there is the hope that the delay will not last too long. Cherrypal estimates that the process will take at least two weeks, possibly longer. There is no official launch date yet.

We were told that individuals who pre-ordered the PC will be offered a refund, if they are not interested in waiting for the finished product.

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