Synaptics Intros SLOC Multitouch Solution, ClearPad 3400

The Sony Xperia P uses the ClearPAd 3200 Series

During World Mobile Congress 2013, Synaptics introduced two new mobile touchscreen technologies, the ClearPad Single-Layer On-Cell (SLOC) Multitouch Solution and the ClearPad 3400. The former tech eliminates the need for a discreet sensor while the latter promises "the smoothest, most precise touchscreen experience" on premium smartphones with displays up to six inches.

According to Synaptics, the ClearPad SLOC not only eliminates the discreet touch sensor, but doesn't need side borders and delivers five-finger support for entry-level smartphones. This allows OEMs to efficiently enter mass production in the fast-growing entry-level smartphone markets. The tech is currently sampled out to leading Liquid Crystal Manufacturers (LCM), the company said.

"Synaptics’ SLOC solution delivers improved performance over current discrete single layer touch solutions," the company said. "LCMs and OEMs both benefit from the fast time-to-market as SLOC can work with any LCD type or resolution. Synaptics’ world-class global engineering support, industry-leading design tools and flexible delivery model all help the LCM simplify the process of implementing the SLOC solution into their display manufacturing process."  

As for the ClearPad 3400, Synaptics said it's based on the 3200 Series and features a redesigned Analog Front End (AFE), an integrated charge pump, and advanced filtering algorithms for industry-leading Signal-to-Noise (SNR) and Signal-to-Interference performance. It performs "with precision" even when a super-noisy handset power adapter – which can cause noticeable interference in sound and touch -- is connected.

Synaptics said the ClearPad 3400 also allows simultaneous pen and finger touch recognition, and passive pen tracking with pinpoint accuracy. It also features linearity and jitter control that functions with any number of fingers and styluses as small as 2-mm, the company said.

"Synaptics’ world-class global engineering support, industry-leading design tools and flexible delivery model all help simplify the process of implementing the market-leading ClearPad family of solutions," Synaptics said. "ClearPad 3400 supports a wide range of sensor stackups, enabling thinner designs and increased OEM flexibility."

As stated, Synaptics is showcasing its portfolio of human interface products this week at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. For more information about the ClearPad Series 3 portfolio, head here.

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