New Counter-Strike: GO Screenshots and Videos

On Friday, Develop reported that Valve is taking full advantage of Sony's "relaxed" PlayStation Network by implementing cross-platform gameplay between the PlayStation 3 console, Mac and Windows PC (Steam) for the upcoming shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The news shouldn't be surprising given that Valve's recently-released Portal 2 also offers the same cross-platform connectivity.

Additional reports confirm that Valve will host its own dedicated servers, as the company wants players to have access to a consistent experience (although players supposedly can still host and tweak their own games). PC, Mac and PlayStation 3 players will also be match-made against each other based on their skill, regardless of input device or platform. That said, PlayStation 3 owners will have the option to use the typical controller, PlayStation Move, or a mouse/keyboard combination.

Naturally as with Portal 2, the PlayStation 3 version of CS:GO will also include Steamworks. According to Valve bossman Gabe Newell, Portal 2's success has shown that this is working out rather well -- gamers using Steam within Sony's PlayStation Network -- despite previous fears of allowing a third-party network to infiltrate Sony's sacred ground.

"With the release of the first Portal 2 DLC people will really see the value of Sony allowing Steam to be released on their system," he said. "We can patch and update regularly, and I think not only us but other developers are benefiting from Sony’s approach."

"I think Sony will start to benefit from what it’s doing," he added. "They’ve done the scary thing and I think it’s up to us as developers to make sure Sony and its customers are rewarded. We and other developers have to show we’re creating value to Sony for opening up its network. We have to show them it’s a smart business move."

Friday also saw the launch of two videos and a batch of screenshots from the upcoming game, as seen below.

  • tacoslave
    hopefully all the 12 year olds will stay away from this one
  • mightymaxio
    This looks like fun, good year for FPS games for sure :)
  • onehitxzibit
    It's nice to see a new CS after so many years, but in my opinion it lacks new features. From the gameplay trailers it looks like Source with better graphics and a few new weapons.
  • bombat1994
    this will be amazing if all of the kiddies continue playing cod and they leave this for the real cs players
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    CS is boring. Never understood the fascination with it.
  • anony2004
    What the heck Valve, do you people suffer from some sort of memory disorder? Give us something about Half Life for God's sake...!
  • cypeq
    The reason why all console gamers will be buying a mouse ;)
  • Rizlla
    For me CS source was only good for lans. I hope this will be different.
  • sa5er1234
    It it time to make another massacre on another cs game.... :D
  • billybobser
    cross platform play = xbox/ps3 people on joypads getting spanked by newbs with mice?