Corsair Announces 8GB DDR3 Memory Modules

Tuesday Corsair officially added 8 GB DDR3 memory modules to both its Vengeance and Value Select product lines. According to the company, the Vengeance version operates at 1.5V for compatibility with the new 2nd generation Intel Core processor family, and is guaranteed to operate at 1600 MHz. The DRAM itself is "rigorously screened," and with 8 GB crammed onto one stick, gamers and performance junkies can build systems with up to 32 GB of high-performance memory. The jet-black heat spreaders also look rather snazzy, too.

"Vengeance DDR3 memory is the premier choice for reliable, overclockable DRAM for system builders on a budget," said Giovanni Sena, Director of Memory Products at Corsair. "Our kits based on 8 GB modules give builders, system integrators, and gaming enthusiasts the power to break the 16 GB barrier."

As for the Value Select version, the 8 GB DDR3 module doesn't sport the snazzy heat spreaders, appearing seemingly naked with just a simple Corsair Value Select sticker covering its components. But as Corsair points out, most laptops come packed with only two memory slots and typically lock users to just 8 GB of memory. But by throwing in Corsair's new 8 GB modules, laptops could see increased performance thanks to a possible 16 GB DDR3 configuration.

"Otherwise-powerful laptop PCs are often under-equipped when it comes to memory, which can cause usability problems with office application suites and complex documents that notebook PC users need to work with in the real world." said Sena. "8 GB Value Select memory modules solve this problem."

As of this writing, pricing is unknown and both products do not appear on Corsair's website. However, the company states that the modules are available now from Corsair's worldwide network of resellers and distributors.

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  • chumly

    There's a big difference between being an enthusiast and being a dumbass. Dumbasses buy macs.
  • chumly

    A steal for ONLY $270.

    Are you sure Apple isn't making these?
  • Hellbound
    Being that you can buy 8gb (2 x 4gb) for around $50, these are a bit to pricey if you ask me.
  • Other Comments
  • chumly

    A steal for ONLY $270.

    Are you sure Apple isn't making these?
  • verbalizer
    looks good but really, gaming units do not need that much RAM.
    multi-tasking, heavy rendering units this will be nice to have for maybe a better price.
    love Corsair RAM anyways..
  • halcyon
    chumly [...] 6820233218A steal for ONLY $270.Are you sure Apple isn't making these?

    How much do you think a new 8GB DDR3 module should cost? $135? ...or would that be too much as well?