Dell Shows Off Three New Windows 8 XPS Systems

On Thursday during IFA 2012 in Berlin, Dell introduced three new XPS devices: the 10-inch XPS 10 tablet, the XPS Duo 12 convertible hybrid, and the XPS One 27 AIO PC. All three will be available to purchase when Windows 8 is available at the end of October. More details on pricing will be announced when available, Dell said.

"The XPS 10, XPS Duo 12 and XPS One 27 represent the culmination of a deep understanding of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ movement and insights gained from both our consumer and business customers,” said Sam Burd, global vice president, PC product group at Dell. "The new set of products Dell unveiled today represents a milestone in our design and approach to user experience. Our vision for our XPS line of computers is not just about the device or technology, it’s about achieving the perfect balance of amazing design, end user productivity and IT enablement."


Currently the hardware details are slim, but the company said on Thursday that the upcoming XPS 10 tablet will feature Windows RT, an ARM-based SoC, a long battery life and a mobile keyboard dock for "enhanced content creation and business productivity." Using Windows RT also means companies can be assured they will be able to manage and secure the XPS 10 on their networks.

As for the XPS Duo 12, Dell calls this device "two devices in one package," or rather, an Ultrabook combined with a tablet. Again, the details are extremely slim, but it will sport a Full HD screen protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. A unique "flip hinge" allows the device to sit like a laptop, and then fold closed over the keyboard with the touch screen facing up -- like a tablet.

"Dell tapped its heritage of offering unique and innovative solutions to create the XPS Duo 12," the company said. "The product features a novel and elegant flip hinge touchscreen display designed to take advantage of the upcoming operating system advances for touch interaction. The result is two products in one, providing the full functionality of an ultraportable laptop with keyboard plus the convenience of a tablet."


Finally there's the XPS One 27 AIO desktop PC. Designed for creative professionals who require advanced technology, it will feature a vibrant, 27-inch Wide Quad HD Display, Infinity Premium speakers and Waves MaxxAudio 4 audio technology. This desktop will presumably come with Windows 8 pre-installed when it launches in October.

"The XPS brand has a distinguished heritage of delivering the latest technology and thoughtful design for performance and craftsmanship without compromise," the company siad. "Each product in the XPS portfolio is tailored for very specific customer needs, and the new products unveiled today are designed to take advantage of emerging software and technology, with the same XPS brand attributes that customers expect from Dell."

Expect to hear more about the actual hardware specs regarding these three new products as we get closer to October.


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  • beardguy
    That second one looks pretty cool. The swivel display that transforms into a tablet idea has always looked intriguing to me. If the whole display(or tablet) disconnects that thing would be badass. Though I am a little afraid of how long those hinges would hold up.

    A transitional device like this could be a huge win. Nobody want's to type on a terrible virtual keyboard. And most people don't want to use Windows 8 without a touchscreen. It's a Win/Win.
  • CaedenV
    this is the crap that made MS feel the need to make their own equipment.
  • game junky
    My laptop just croaked a month back and I have been trying to assess my needs in a new personal laptop. I was strongly considering just using a tablet since I have an awesome desktop that I use for gaming and would primarily just use the laptop for web surfing. In the interim, I am just using my work laptop (X220 - small but efficient) which gets the job done.

    The XPS Duo 12 looks like it might be perfect for me - not sure what the differences are when transitioning from the Tablet interface to the Laptop interface. I'll have to make a trek to a Dell kiosk once they're released or see if I can get my Dell rep to send me a tester. Guessing they'll drop in October/November for holiday sales

    The QuadHD screen on the all in one is also very interesting - will have to take a gander at that as well. Kudos Dell - you're definitely trying to be innovative with your designs and I admire that.