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Please No: Another DOOM Movie On The Way

In 2005, Universal Pictures (finally) released the film adaption of id Software's popular DOOM franchise. The film was directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak and starred Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike.

As many DOOM fans already know (and suffered), the movie tanked in the box office, eventually scoring a 19-percent on Rotten Tomatoes and becoming one of TIME's ten worst movies based on games. Overall the general consensus was that DOOM's only positive aspect was the sequence in which the movie imitated the game, placing viewers behind the gun in a first-person perspective. It was awesome and extremely too short in duration.

"The Rock's character goes around shooting everything in sight, the barrel of his gun sticking suggestively up from the bottom of the screen," TIME said. "It's like the audience as a whole is playing DOOM on a really big screen. Fanboys loved it. The rest of the movie might as well not have even existed."

But despite Universal's horrid first attempt to capture our beloved franchise on the big screen, Hollywood – or at least Universal Pictures – isn't giving up quite yet. As time eventually heals all wounds, nearly six years later the studio is reportedly working on another DOOM movie thanks to the success of Paramount's G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra.

According to industry insiders, Universal still owns the film rights to the franchise and plans to reboot even though only one film ever made it to the big screen. That said, the studio is bypassing The Rock's 2005 flick and is currently scouting for a script that will take advantage of the industry's new gimmick: 3D. That's right: Universal wants to film DOOM in 3D. Did you expect anything less?

But because the new DOOM movie is in the early stages of development, no additional info is available as of this writing. Still, as the previous movie was loosely based on the story and atmosphere contained within id Software's DOOM 3, the next film may likely go back to the franchise's Hell-based roots. Then again, it's possible the movie may be tied in with DOOM 4, which may or may not hit retail shelves in 2012.

Just cross your fingers Uwe Boll doesn't get involved.