DayZ Creator Hopes to Bring Game to Consoles and Mac

DayZ creator Dean Hall's story is so feel good that it's almost like something out of a storybook. His ArmA II zombie survival mod brought the parent game to the top of the Steam charts. After DayZ hit one million players, it was no surprise that ArmA II developer Bohemia Interactive agreed to help make Hall's hope of DayZ becoming a standalone game a reality.

Hall's ambitions span past DayZ becoming a standalone title for PC though. He eventually hopes that the game will become popular enough to reach consoles. However, Hall realizes the reality of his situation of bringing the game to console: "You're not going to put it on the consoles if you're only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that.

"DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we're at a point, we'll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3."

Joystiq asked the DayZ project lead if he's met with any console developer yet to port the game, to which he responded with: "We're meeting with them here [Gamescom]."

If the roll of success that's hit DayZ in the past few months doesn't slow down, then it wouldn't be surprising if DayZ were to hit home consoles. Then again, all that is contingent on the DayZ standalone's success, for which details are still scant.


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  • Hazle
    welp, as long as it's out on PC first and better optimized for it, i can't complain.
  • killerclick
    But not Linux... sigh
  • boiler1990
    While PC gamers aren't necessarily a niche market (I am a dedicated one myself), I'm wondering if DayZ hasn't hit massive popularity because it's not on consoles.

    Since DayZ is based on ArmA II, I can imagine how demanding the game is on the hardware (own ArmA II, brother plays DayZ). Unless you have a decent PC with a very solid quad core CPU and at least a midrange GPU, you're not going to see very good detail in ArmA II/DayZ. This is why people resorted to consoles - you can get a ton of decent looking games without having to shell out $500+ on a PC.

    Unfortunately, this has caused the entire market to shift to selling consoles and producing primarily console games. It's games like DayZ that keep me (and probably others) tied to PC gaming - we'll get the console games like everyone else, but we'll also get gems like this.