Dell Launches Tiny, Little Inspiron Zino HD

Measuring in at 8-inches square, the base configuration rings in at $229 and packs AMD's single-core Athlon 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB HDD, a DVD burner, integrated Radeon HD 3200 video and Windows Vista.

Then again, with options for an Athlon X2 or Neo X2, up to 8GB or RAM, up to 1 TB of storage, an ATI Radeon HD 4330 512MB card, and upgrades to various different versions of Windows 7, the pricing does tend to creep up. That said, Dell has a pretty decent pre-configured option on its site: For $649 you'll get AMD's Athlon 2850e, 4GB of DDR2, ATI Radeon HD 4330, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium, integrated 2.1 HD audio and a 20" Dell ST2010 widescreen HD monitor.

Who's interested?

Hit up Dell for more info.

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  • Honis
    If the HDMI supports audio this thing has 7.1 channels of HD audio.

    Faster CPU and gfx than an Atom, HDMI port (non on mac mini) and the same price to boot. This is the perfect HTPC.
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  • ssalim
    All looks good save the price.
  • gwolfman
    Should've waited for the cheap 5000 series ATi's for bitstreaming support :(
  • rooseveltdon
    I am not too impressed and i don't like the fact that this is in essence dell's version of a mac mini it's bad enough that they copied apple a company i am no fan of,but then they throw questionable specs as wlell blah,i'd rather build my own