Cast Your Vote! Computex 2008 Design Awards

Have you already checked out our Computex 2008 Coverage Special? Starting tomorrow, we will provide daily news reports and picture galleries on the hottest news and technologies from Taipei, Taiwan. However, this year we wanted to include our readers to create feedback for the manufacturers: Welcome the Computex 2008 Design Awards!

We pre-selected ten different products that stand out of the crows by particularly interesting design. In this context, design does not only apply to beauty and style, but also to the way a plethora of features have been integrated and implemented into a product: How convenient do you think these products are? Can you imagine using them? Do you think they were a good idea or just another unnecessary piece of hardware? Do you like what you see or do you hate it? Your vote can be anything between one stars and five stars. One star means "horrible", five stars speak for themselves: you believe the product is excellent.

The Computex 2008 Design Awards are being conducted in three countries: Germany, France and the United States. However, the results will be accumulated and hence will all contribute by the total amount of valid votes. Cast your vote and rate all ten products - and we will find out what YOU think at our Computex 2008 Design Awards page. This is an excellent chance to provide feedback to the IT industry. The 2008 Silver and Gold Design Awards will be handed out to the manufacturers by our Computex coverage team, which consists of editors from the United States, France and Italy. Enjoy!

Do you prefer French or German? Check out our Computex 2008 Design Awards on Tom’s Hardware with Presence-PC France and Tom’s Hardware Germany.