EKWB Announces a Liquid Nitrogen CPU Cooler

EK Water Blocks has announced a new liquid cooling unit, but this one doesn't work with water; it works with liquid nitrogen. Earlier EKWB already announced a similar product for memory cooling, but this time around it is announcing a cooling tube for CPUs.

The EK-SF3D Inflection Point EVO LN2-Tube is meant to be used with liquid nitrogen and is built from a copper base plated with nickel. EKWB claims that using this tube will require less insulation than other tubes, since it would use heaters to keep the PCB and the VRM's warmer to prevent condensation on these. 

The unit is also built using a unique mounting system. With this it should be possible to change the CPU or cooling block within less than a minute.

The EK-SF3D is already available on EKWB's webshop for an MSRP of $192.93. The mounting bracket would have to be bought separately, which would set you back another $51.40.

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  • groundrat
    serial overclockers will be very happy.
  • kewlmunky
    So is this a LN2 cooler that can be used for normal computer use or is it just a simplified kit for playing around with overclocking?
  • GMPoisoN
    I personally think that's awesome. It's going to broaden the community of LN2 users imo.