Elder Scrolls 5 Due November 2011, New Engine

One of the games revealed during Spike TV's 2010 Video Game Awards was a title rumored to be in production over the past two years-- Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls 5.

Called The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, Bethesda Softworks Executive Producer Todd Howard surprised the audience with the game's announcement and a dragon-themed cinematic trailer narrated by Max von Sydow.

However the big shocker following Skyrim's initial reveal was that it won't use id Software's id Tech 5 engine, but rather an all-new engine developed by Bethesda Game Studios. "We can now confirm that the TES V: Skyrim engine is all-new," said Bethesda's Nick Breckon on Twitter. "And it looks fantastic."

At the moment much isn't known about the game, however it's speculated that Skyrim may take place in a northerly province. Previous reports indicated that Skyrim may actually be a direct sequel to Oblivion rather than serve as a stand-alone chapter in the Elder Scrolls series.

Monday in a separate Twitter post (and followed up by Bethesda's official press release), Breckon said that Skyrim will be fully revealed in an exclusive cover story in the February issue of Game Informer, slated to reach subscribers in January.

"It’s exciting finally to announce the game," said Todd Howard, Game Director on Skyrim in a press release on Monday. "We’ve been working for many years on Skyrim and the technology behind it. A new Elder Scrolls game has been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to show it off."

As seen in the clip below, the teaser trailer doesn't offer a glimpse into the new engine's capabilities, but rather provides hype-building cinematics. Currently the game is scheduled to launch on November 11, 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

  • husker
    "At the moment much isn't known about the game, however it's speculated that Skyrim may take place in a northerly province."

    Um, yeah, the province of Skyrim has been on The Elder Scrolls series map since day one, so that is basically stating the obvious. It's north of Cyrodiil and west of Morrowind.
  • xyzionz
    No matter what new engine it uses, as long there is console and cross platform, the graphics won't go anywhere far.
  • maigo
    The only problem with the Gamebryo engine is Bethesda
  • of the way
    Time to break out the other scrolls again.
  • Say what you want, I for one am ready to go meet some Nords and see what kind of Daedra problems they might be having in the north. Die curr!
  • yzfr1guy
    Elder Scrolls with new engine? WIN!
  • terror112
  • cser
    I'm so excited I could pee. Should be coming out around the same time as Mass Effect 3.
  • alidan
    heres hoping its not more dumbed down console trash. i couldn't care less about eht engine so long as they make humans not look ugly as sin, have more than 4 voices, pause time, or generally streamline the experience. it would be nice if they added in rpg elements besides leveling system, like a choice system, let there be 12 decent endings, some bad some good, and only have 1 canon end like almost every other game with choice. it doesnt have to be masseffect
  • Drag0nR1der
    I don't care where it's set, or what engine it uses, if it's as monotonous and uninspiring as Oblivion it's not gracing my computer for long, if it's as rich and wonderful as Morrowind was it'll be on here for some time.

    Seriously don't know what happened to their inspiration after Morrowind, it must have gone down the pub with all the decent voice actors and script writers, and forgot to come back for the sequel.