Turn a Laptop Adapter into a Powerstrip for $15

Anytime we're at a big press event, there's always one thing in short supply: plug sockets. They're the first things to go and once you've managed to get one, you can't leave it unattended without it being pilfered by someone else. Often you'll find someone from another website who's kind enough to share their powerstrip (there's a certain camaraderie among the folks who us those chunky UK plugs), but outside of press events, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who's carrying around a cumbersome powerstrip, eager to share sockets with you.

Engadget writes of a fairly nifty little gadget that plugs into your laptop adapter and turns it into a powerstrip. Made by Elecom, it costs ¥1,400 (about $15) for a two-prong version or ¥2,000 ($21) for three prongs. Now all you have to do is find someone you're willing to talk to at Starbucks. Sure you could just buy a regular adapter that plugs into the wall socket but would your new friend be impressed by that? Probably not.

  • Marco925
    This would SO be useful during lectures, when you have 7 or so kids fight for the ONLY outlet in the hall.
  • Pei-chen
    Looks like a Lenovo/IBM adapter before the conversion. Maybe they are made in the same Chinese factory.
  • insider3
    Very Impressive.
  • icanhashardware
    whatever happened to something like this for a few dollars?

  • husker
    A $15 extension cord? No thanks.
  • bildo123
    Or, you could just charge your laptop battery the night before...
  • Aragorn
    icanhashardwarewhatever happened to something like this for a few dollars? http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/ tter_1.jpgThat's what I carry. Always in my computer bag, that way I can always get someone to share an outlet.
  • quicksilver98
    I wonder if they will make them work with the wierd Dell three prong units.
  • jellico
    That's pretty slick. It would also be useful for college students who pretty much face the same problem of not enough outlets in crowded classes.
  • ubergeek
    Better yet, just carry a $5 power strip.