Report: AMD to Replace FM1 with FM2, AM3 with AM3+ in 2014

DigiTimes has reported that,according to "sources from motherboard players," AMD will be gradually phasing out CPUs using FM1 and AM3 sockets in April and aims to step the socket types out of the market in Q2 (FM1) and Q3 (AM3) 2013.

Consequently, the company's 2014 lineup is expected to be based on the AM3+ socket for the high-end FX series and the FM2 socket for mainstream processors. The former socket supports AMD's HyperTransport 3.1, DDR3 memory clocked at up to 2,133 MHz and is currently featured on a number of processors including the octa-corre FX-8350 / 8320 and the hexa-core FX-6350 / 6300.

According to AMD's latest plans, the FX 8320, 6300 and 4300 will see price cuts of $14 to $20 in Q2 2013, and the FM2-based quad-core 5600K and 5500 will drop by $10.

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  • rolli59
    Eventually all sockets die, really does not make financial sense selling older products competing with the new.
  • digitalrazoe
    I will commend AMD for staying true to their socket design all these years.. It has made upgrades a breeze! However some change is good change ( as long as they don't change like intel has consistently over the past years.) a new socket design will allow more aggressive design and bring AMD up from the ashes.. ( wouldn't mind seeing a socket 1207 high end ...
  • horaciopz
    Bravo to AMD, how long they kept am3? I started with a ASRock Mobo am2+/am3, I used the same mobo with 3 processors, an athlon ii x2, phenom ii x4 and phenom x6.... And i think that mobo had the possibility of running FX processor with a bios flash... When I switched to intel i knew that i wasnt going to have the same path of upgradability as i had with AMD... Am3 was the 775 of amd...