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FSP Reveals New 80+ Silver, Platinum PSUs

FSP has updated two of their mainstream Raider PSUs giving the RA-650 (650W) and the RA-750 (750W) the new 80 Plus Silver certification. .

Both units use a single 12 V rail, feature active PFC a built in 120 mm and are able to provide 50 A and 60 A respectively. They also feature  a 24 pin ATX connector along with a 4+4 pin EPS connector, three Molex connectors, a single floppy connector, nine SATA connectors and either 4 (RA-750) or 2 (RA-650) 6+2 pin PCIe connectors.

Also updated are the Platinum certified Aurum 92+ modular PSUs that will be available 550 W and 650 W variants.. Both units will feature four 12 V rails capable of providing up to 18 A and a generous assortment of connectors including a single 24 Pin ATX connector, a 4+4 pin EPS connector, two PCIe connectors, four Molex, a Floppy and either seven (550 W) or 9 (650W) SATA connectors. It is worth noting that whilst the SATA, Molex and Floppy cables are modular, only one PCIe cable can be removed.

The pricing and availability of the Raider and Aurum 92+ PSUs is still unknown.

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