PC Version of Fable III Delayed

Fable fans eagerly awaiting the third installment will have to wait a little longer than their console counterparts. According to Microsoft, the PC version will not be hitting the market on October 26 as originally planned. Unfortunately, the company wouldn't say when the game would actually be released.

"The console and PC versions are now on different schedules as we're focusing on building experiences optimized for each platform," the company said in a statement. "We aren't announcing a ship date for the PC sku at this time, but expect news soon."

Lionhead Studios' Peter Molyneux said back in June that the PC version would be a "standalone custom designed game," and not merely a conversion of the Xbox 360 game. "My fondness for the PC as a gaming platform probably played a part in this process," he said.

Currently there are no PC-exclusive features slated for Fable III, but rather the control mechanism was "crafted around the mouse." There are also no plans for a Collector's Edition of Fable III for the PC, however digital content available in the Xbox 360 LCE version will be available for PC gamers to download--post-release content included.

The Xbox 360 version is still set for the original October ship date.

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  • chickenhoagie
    dang..that much longer to wait for the fat male prostitutes..
  • mikem_90
    I want to see if Yahtzee tears this game a new one.
  • doomtomb
    Remember what they said: Piracy is the reason PC games get delayed.