Final Fantasy 7 PC Now Available for Download

Last week, Square Enix accidentally let the HD re-release of Final Fantasy VII for PC slip on the official website for $12.70. Many purchased and downloaded the re-release and found that they were locked out of the game due to Secu-ROM. Square Enix quickly refunded all sales and promised the angry customers who had already purchased the game a free copy for the mistake. Even with the slip-up, Square Enix didn't give an official release date.

Still, there'd be no reason for Square Enix to be "testing" uploading Final Fantasy VII for PC onto the website unless the game wasn't far from launch… and that seems to be the case as Final Fantasy VII has officially launched for both Europe and the U.S.

As the company mentioned in the initial announcement of the re-release, Final Fantasy VII for PC will only be available in the Square Enix store.

Final Fantasy VII for PC will not be $12.70 as was originally priced when the game launched in error, but $9.99.

  • cobot
    WOHOO, prepare to die, emerald weapon - I want your master materia!!!
  • darkavenger123
    I still don't get it...FF7 was on the PC eons ago...unless this is a HD remake, i don't see the point.
  • jamesedgeuk2000
    Welcome everybody to 1998!
  • Pennanen
    Casual action games for casual people and no its not rpg.
  • Too bad it'll still suck like it did back in 1998
  • ojas
    jamesedgeuk2000Welcome everybody to 1998!Good, that means FreeSpace 2 releases next year! ;)
  • Luay
    Still waiting for the FFIV & VI 3D remake. These two games are the only memorable ones that came out of Squaresoft.
  • master_chen
    jamesedgeuk2000Welcome everybody to 1998!
    jamesedgeuk20001998I have a facepalm the size of a Mako Crater right now...
    God dammit, newfags..god damn you...>:\
  • pharoahhalfdead
    Before I jump and buy it, I'll wait and read some reviews to see if it really has been updated. I'm worried about the cloud save that Square Enix is talking about, bcuz if that is the only way to save it, then I'm not buying it.
  • rantoc
    ojasGood, that means FreeSpace 2 releases next year!
    Sadly i doubt it, the studios are busy making CoD 25 and milking the other franchises. When those franchises die we might see something more creative than the 95% overly streamlined games we see today.