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Square Enix Accidentally Releases Final Fantasy VII PC

Just last month, Square Enix confirmed that a re-release of the videogame classic Final Fantasy VII for PC was in the works. At the time, the company had no release date for the re-release.

Last weekend, out of the blue, Final Fantasy VII for PC suddenly went up for sale on Square Enix's website for $12.70. Those who had purchased and downloaded Final Fantasy VII complained that they were unable to run the game due to DRM issues. Whether or not the release was actually real was under suspicion, as it seemed highly unlikely that Square Enix would want to release the title without some sort of media fanfare.

Now, it's clear that the release was definitely a mistake. Since then, the download's been pulled from the website. For those who didn't manage to grab up the company, rest assured that the secu-ROM DRM error prevents those who downloaded the game from playing, so those customers don't have a leg up on the game.

So far, there's still no word on an actual release date for Final Fantasy VII on PC.

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