The Fit-PC Slim Is One Super Small PC

The fit-PC Slim is an ultra-compact Windows-capable PC that uses just 4 Watts of power.

While the fit-PC Slim may not be the world’s smallest PC, it sure is still impressive. Measuring a tiny 100mm x 110mm x 30mm in size, it is smaller than a 3.5-inch HDD and weighs only 380-grams. What is even more impressive is its power consumption, using just 4 to 6 W of power from a 12 V power supply.

The system uses an AMD Geode LX800 processor running at 500 MHz, which has a TDP of 3.6 W. The integrated display controller can support up to a 1920 x 1440 resolution display and the system is available with up to 512 MB of DDR 333 MHz soldered on-board memory. A 60 GB 2.5-inch HDD is optional, but along with the hard drive is the choice of a preloaded Windows XP Home or Linux operating system. Although the fit-PC Slim is not the fastest computer around, for simple tasks it should handle Windows XP fine.

Despite the small size, the designers of the fit-PC Slim were still able to fit quite a few ports on the system, such as a 100 Mbps Ethernet port, three USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, a mini serial port and audio ports. An integrated 802.11b/g WiFi option is also available, making the system an excellent choice for use as a wireless router. For those wishing the system had two Ethernet ports instead, to use the fit-PC Slim as a wired router, there exists an older model similar to the fit-PC Slim that does feature two Ethernet ports.

The fit-PC Slim is available in several configurations starting at $220, but the basic configuration lacks WiFi, comes with no HDD and has only 256 MB of RAM. A configuration with WiFi and 512 MB of RAM is available for $245, but to include a 60 GB HDD with Ubuntu and Gentoo preloaded in dual-boot mode will cost an extra $50. To have Windows XP Home preloaded instead will cost an additional $40.

  • kitsilencer
    Why??? What could this PC do that a "normal" UMPC won't? Pack fudge?
  • dechy
    Custom car media centers with a much smaller footprint!
  • Grims
    Make a great car PC.
  • knickle
    kitsilencerWhy??? What could this PC do that a "normal" UMPC won't? Pack fudge?As stated, you could use it as a car PC for bascis like MP3, GPS and OBDII reader. I can see other uses, such as wall mounted kiosks in department stores.
  • rdwestgate
    What I'm wondering is if I could use this as a hub PC streaming dvd's and other media onto a TV from a server storage center.
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    Or if you want to totally dork out, strap it onto a belt and counterbalance it with a battery pack on the other hip and you have a wearable computer with wi-fi. You could even use that Powerglove-looking keyboard from the Tom's Guide slideshow. Just need a display that won't get you killed in traffic.
  • Mereo
    kitsilencerWhy??? What could this PC do that a "normal" UMPC won't? Pack fudge?Well, if you really care about your bill and the environment, a 3-6 watts usage is really low! So for people who just browse the web, chat and check their e-mails, it's good.

    A guy I know uses this for his everyday use and when he wants to play games, he loads up his gaming machine. That way, he saves on electricity.
  • christophero1973
    The tech is a-little short. It SHOULD HAVE: (2) GIGABIT ETHERNET PORTS, (1)STANDARD SERIAL, options for (1) SSD and XP PRO. Yes, my caps were on, because this computer is starting out with TWO strikes against it already. I hate to see a good idea screwed-down by accountants.
  • It would be great for a 2nd home (i.e., country home) that has wireless IP security cameras to capture images on movement - this tiny PC can serve as a backup in case your internet connection, through which you upload those images offsite, goes down (phone outtage or lines are cut). With this size, being wireless, and apparently fan-less, you can really hide this "backup storage" PC somewhere.
  • neiroatopelcc
    on u can buy a via based system for roughly 350-400usd with 2gb memory, a significantly better cpu, and a box including power supply and a harddrive. It's more expensive, and it lacks wifi - but it has usb ports and isn't limited to a dsub vga port. Also, since it features a socket for 'laptop memory' instead if onboard solodered stuff, it can be upgraded, so you could start out with 512mb if that's all you need.

    In short - it's a nice really-lowcost product for people afraid of using screwdrivers, but with a bit more funding you can get a lot more computer with powersupply prepared for incar use (or another chassis for other purposes for that matter.

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