Google Stops Selling Nexus Q and Galaxy Nexus

Google yesterday added three new devices to its Nexus family of electronics but it seems the search giant is eager to avoid things getting too crowded. With the three new arrivals, Google has said goodbye to two old friends. First out is the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung's contribution to the Nexus line of phones that was launched last year, followed by this year's Nexus Q.

  The Galaxy Nexus is still listed on the Google Play Store, but customers are unable to add the phone to their cart. Instead, Google states that the device is no longer available for purchase. Joining the Galaxy Nexus is the Nexus Q, which has actually been removed from the Play Store altogether. Announced this past summer at the same time as the original Nexus 7, Google's Nexus Q hasn't exactly enjoyed a red hot reception. For now, it looks like Google is done experimenting with the world of social streaming media players.

The Nexus line as listed by the Google Play Store is now limited to the Nexus 4 (8GB and 16GB), the Nexus 7 (16GB and 32GB), the Nexus 7 with 3G (32GB), and the Nexus 10 (16GB and 32GB).


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  • dishayu
    Well, Nexus Q was probably the only bad Nexus product anyways.
  • clownbaby
    Was hoping to snag a Galaxy Nexus on a fire-sale when the Nexus4 was released.
  • mayankleoboy1
    Did nexus Q sell well?
  • whiteodian
    mayankleoboy1Did nexus Q sell well?I didn't think it was ever released. I guess it was that unpopular. From what I hear, it was overpriced. I heard they did give some away. I thought it was to those who pre-ordered, but the wiki article mentioned it was to developers.
  • ithurtswhenipee
    mayankleoboy1Did nexus Q sell well?I don't think it did too well. Way too high of a price point and overkill on specs for what it would be used for IMHO.
  • aicom
    R.I.P LTE Nexus :'(
  • dtm4trix
    I love my Galaxy Nexus even after owning it for almost a year now.....
  • is the battery removable in the new nexus phone?