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Acrosser Launches an AIO Gaming Board for Kiosks

Acrosser's new All-in-One Gaming Board, the AMB-A55EG1, was specifically designed to offer a "cost competitive solution for the entry-level gaming market" and is based on an embedded AMG G-Series T56N dual-core APU clocked at 1.56 GHz.

The motherboard also features two DDR3 SO-DIMM slots that support up to 8 GB of memory, 72-pin golden finger interface, six USB ports, six SATA connectors, one mSATA port and Gigabit Ethernet. With regards to output, the AMB-A55EG1 offers VGA and HDMI ports and 5.1 channel audio with a 2 channel amplifier (2 x 6 W).

Last but not least, the device complies with most gaming regulations including GLI, BBM and Comma 6A. It also features two intrusion detection door switches and hardware security by FPGA and PIC.

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  • joytech22
    What they really need to do is introduce PCI-E based add-in computers based on their AMD FX or APU's.
    Imagine.. Rendering your video or animation using the PCI-E based resources without slowdowns in graphics or CPU performance from the main machine. (Leaving you free to play games etc..)

    Why hasn't AMD thought about expanding into that?
    I mean c'mon add-in Systems on a chip aren't a bad idea, it's just the personal computing/enthusiast market hasn't realized any needs for it.
  • 4745454b
    Why would you have 6 SATA ports? How much storage is really needed on a slot machine?
  • vaughn2k
    "AMD G-Series T56N" APU and not 'AMG'.
  • vaughn2k
    "AMD G-Series T56N" APU and not 'AMG'. has 6 USB ports and 2 sata ports, c'mon guys, you can do better than this..
  • jaber2
    I don't need to play Crysis on my slot machine, or do I?