Google Glass Specs CPU, RAM Exposed via ADB

We mostly already know what Google plans to pack into its Glass AR specs when it goes retail in 2Q14: a 5MP camera, a bone conduction transducer for audio, Wireless G and Bluetooth connectivity, 12 GB of usable storage and a battery promising a full day of typical use. What hasn't been revealed until now is the actual core hardware that makes everything tick.

Some of the specs are still unknown, but a pair of hackers discovered the USB debugging settings and managed to get Android Debug Bridge (ADB) up and running. It confirms that Glass is indeed running Android 4.0.4 "Ice Cream Sandwich" which the system requirements for the MyGlass companion app hinted to in Google's specs.

ADB also revealed that Glass uses the OMAP4430 45-nm SoC from Texas Instruments which features two ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore SMP general-purpose cores (clocked at 1 GHz?) and a PowerVR SGX540 graphics core. Also included in this chip is an IVA 3 Hardware accelerator, an ABE processor, and an ISP supporting a 20MP camera. 1080p HD video performance is supported at 30fps, as well as 720p stereoscopic 3D.

As for memory, the OMAP 4 chip is backed by 682 MB of RAM although kernel messages point to 1 GB of RAM, the hackers claim.

Disappointed in the specs? Don't be – Google Glass isn't meant to play NOVA 3 (although honestly it would be cool), but rather pull some of the functions away from the smartphone. The second-generation Kindle Fire uses the same OMAP 4 SoC (which says the clock speed is 1.2 GHz) and the same amount of memory, so the performance should be nearly equal outside the Pure Android vs. Forked Android debate.

For Google's current list of official specs, head here.

  • guru_urug
    I'd say the specs are pretty impressive. The author is forgetting the form factor of this device! All that tech packed into an area much smaller than that of a cellphone/tablet. Consdering it matches upto the 2nd gen kindle fire is commendable. And this is just the 1st iteration of this one of a kind device. The consumer edition launched next year should contain beefier specs.
  • smeezekitty
    It seems alittle creepy.
  • chumly
    Is there a lead hat that comes with this to prevent all the radiation from going into my brain?
  • whyso
    Thought they would use a 32nm chip. power consumption has got to be a problem with something like this.
  • lunix
    My S3 can get pretty hot, another reason you don't want a "high-end" chip in there :)
  • upgrade_1977
    3d? how would that work with one eye? lol
  • somebodyspecial
    This will be far more impressive with a 28nm chip, or heck 20nm or maybe a 14nm intel something. :) I really don't think this will take off much with places blocking you for having one on and a phone that does so much more already in your pocket. I really can't see me wanting one of these unless just for farting around and the cost was under $200. Otherwise I'd rather wait until they can do far more and have a much better chip in them. I don't think I'll pay attention to these until 20nm or smaller. By then the cost might make it useful to me and maybe it can replace a phone for most stuff then too.
  • beetlejuicegr
    The specs are fine
    fantastic smile, naughty eyes and i bet killer body!
    oh wait you refer to the glasseS :P
  • tului
    I plan on getting some oversized sunglasses, sort of like the wrap arounds old people use over their eyeglasses. That'll keep anyone from seeing my eyes when I do the weird zone out thing people are talking about. It'll also keep them from knowing I'm using Google glass at all. They'll just think I'm some weirdo with dark specs.
  • house70
    10725742 said:
    Is there a lead hat that comes with this to prevent all the radiation from going into my brain?
    Nah, your tinfoil hat should work just fine....