Google Says Desktops Will Be Irrelevant in 3 Years

Speaking at UCD in Dublin yesterday, Google Chief John Herlihy said that smartphones enhance Google’s mission to make information universal, adding that in Japan, more research is being done on cell phones than on PCs. Herlihy predicted that soon smartphones will be the center of it all.

“Mobile makes the world’s information universally accessible," he said. "Because there’s more information and because it will be hard to sift through it all, that’s why search will become more and more important. This will create new opportunities for new entrepreneurs to create new business models – ubiquity first, revenue later.”

Herlihy's statements have caused quite a stir in the tech world. There are those who wholeheartedly agree but Silicon Republic, who first reported the story, says that audience members were baffled. Indeed it's hard to imagine office cubicles without desktops and even harder to imagine laptops meeting the needs of hardcore PC gamers.

But, whether you agree with his sentiments or not, it is clear the direction Google is taking as a company. Silicon Republic reports that, not too long ago, CEO Eric Schmidt told an audience at the Mobile World Congress that the company was working on products from a 'mobile first' prospective.

"Every recent product announcement we have made – and of course we have a desktop version – is being made from the point of view of it being used on a high-performance mobile phone on all the browsers that are available," SR cites Schmidt as saying. "Now the programmers want to work on those apps for mobile that you can’t get on a desktop – applications that are personal and location-aware."

Read the full story on Silicon Republic.

  • toastninja17
    For hardcore PC gamers, desktops will always be where it's at.
  • bison88
    5GB bandwidth cap, 1/5th the speed of the lowest Cable internet tiers, and $50 a month which is $15 more then what I pay for my PC. Yeah I don't think desktops are going anywheres.
  • Pyroflea
    I just can't wait to ditch my PC for a 3" screen, a keyboard with buttons so small that I hit 4 at a time, and 1 minute loading times for Google searches.

  • you tell that to my clients who still hold onto their 5yr old xp boxes,no desktops will still be around for many years to come!

    Info on mobiles is useful, but screen size will always be their downfall if they were for all and every day use!
  • Ryric
    I love the constant Anti-desktop raving. For Design work, and any type of video work desktops will be preferred by most users (not necessary PC, but at least macs).

    I would prefer to see Consoles being obsolete in 3 years with home theaters being inter-connected with PC's.
  • It is a silly comment, and while he is correct in pointing out the growing importance of mobiles, the idea that office workers, graphics designers, and so on, will be working on a 3-inch screen and keyboard is .... ridiculous.

    We may get some virtual tech going in a few decades, using Wii-style interaction or even brain-controlled, but it won't be anytime soon.
  • bydesign
    With Any Luck Google Will Be Irrelevant in 3 Years. We can only hope.
  • jeverson
    Know I know someone has replaced the non-dairy creamer with some other white powdery substance :o
  • marsax73
    You will always need a desktop in some form or another. All in One desktops I could see being the majority but that's the extent of it. I still need my desktop for video and audio production work.
  • mindless728
    ok, so they think they can cram desktop parts into mobile devices, what about gaming, the best gaming laptops are only mediocre compared to desktops, sorry google, no dice