Multi-Touch Gorilla Glass Keyboard Given Another Look

While the idea of a touch-based keyboard isn't completely new, the Glass Multitouch Keyboard demoed at CES was quite stunning. What started out as a very successful Kickstarter project back in November quickly turned into an awesome prototype unveiled at CES 2012. Although we aren't too sure how many people would prefer a touch-based keyboard over a tactile one, the Glass Multitouch Keyboard looks undeniably awesome.

Created by Jason Giddings of Giddings Product Development, the keyboard utilizes frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) technology to recognize key touches across its Gorilla Glass 2 surface area. Although the demo at CES was a non-working prototype, the product is definitely promising. The keyboard will come with Windows and Mac support, the ability to register multitouch gestures, and both wireless and USB connectivity. Giddings also hopes to integrate speakers to produce haptic feedback like the kind found in many smartphones today.

These photos snapped by the folks over at The Verge show the prototype with a laser etched QWERTY setup, but when the product ships it'll come with a variety of custom layouts. The first batch of production models will be given to the Kickstarter backers who funded $250 or more and is expected sometime in May. After that, the product will start shipping throughout Europe for medical use so it may not be available commercially until later on this year.

Tuan Mai
Tuan Mai is a Los Angeles based writer and marketing manager working within the PC Hardware industry. He has written for Tom's Guide since 2010, with a special interest in the weird and quirky.
  • kikireeki
    super cool and prestigious but not so useful.
  • WR2
    A keyboard that can also function as a touchpad & maybe even a mouse controller?
    Swappable game controller layouts. I want one.
  • Tavo_Nova
    this looks awesome i would love to get my self a couple of these for my rig
  • republicano
    i couldnt imagine playing skyrim with it, i require my sense in touch so i dont have to look at it while in combat, i find it hard enough typing a essay with a tablet or texting with a cellphone.
    if it was like braille and you could feel the letters and each key had a boarder you can touch then its an improvement,but it does look very nice though,
    soon we can eat with our fingers and use the keys then wipe it down after each meal.
  • gokanis
    It looks cool to play with, But I can't see typing on it for long periods of time.
  • how are you going to rest your fingers on asdf and jkl; without it registering on the touch senstitive glass laser etched keys? very questionable...
  • wiyosaya
    gokanisIt looks cool to play with, But I can't see typing on it for long periods of time.I have to agree. Typing for long periods of time will take a completely different style since the keys do not move. My bet is that people will complain that it is hard on the hands, and may even cause more instances of carpal tunnel, or other stress related injuries. I have worked with some people who literally pound their keyboards. While the glass would likely not break, that style of typing, IMHO, on this keyboard would likely cause injuries.
  • robochump
    If only this KB had clear glass tactile keys it would be awesome. Flat KBs will never take off.
  • patpatpat
    Add backlit led to the "keys" and have them glow brighter or change color when you hit them. Maybe an optional scratchpad on the side?!
  • beardguy
    Looks dope.

    I hate the way traditional keyboards get dirty and are very hard to clean. By the looks of this, you could just spray it down and wipe off the flat surface to clean it. As long as it is super-responsive, I could see gaming on this as well.