Samsung Unveils 1TB Drive for Notebooks

Tuesday Samsung revealed its new halogen-free, 2.5-inch Spinpoint MT2 internal HDD, offering laptop owners a tasty 333GB per platter for a total storage capacity of 1TB. Samsung said the drive is ideal for digital TVs, home media systems, and set-top boxes where end-users need room for large amounts of data while also requiring a quiet, cool storage solution.

According to the company, the drive uses an SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, an 8MB buffer memory, and spins at 5400rpm. The drive also features shock resistance levels of 400G (2ms) in operation mode and 800G (1ms) when the power is off. Samsung’s "proprietary" SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies are included to minimize noise levels during drive operation.

On a performance level, Samsung claims that the Spinpoint MT2 features 20-percent increased read/write performance. It's also said to consume 4-percent less power consumption compared to similar drives.

"The new Spinpoint MT2 drive offers the largest capacity in what has previously been offered as an option for portable digital devices," said I.C. Park vice president, storage marketing, Samsung Electronics. "As the total storage solution provider, Samsung is committed to offering products that features exceptional performance and value across a wide range of computing and consumer electronics markets."

The company said that a 750GB version is also available, adding that initial shipments for both models are available now.

  • mavanhel
    If initial shipments are available now shouldn't Tom's be able to post the price of these drives?
  • sliem
    1TB PS3, coming up!
  • hunter315
    Very nice! Now how big of a hit will i take to my battery life by switching to it?
  • orionantares
    Does the PS3 hardware even support 1TB capacity?
  • bentonsl_2010
    Wonder if this is a standard size hard drive or the bigger (taller) drive?
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    orionantaresDoes the PS3 hardware even support 1TB capacity?
    It's supports any storage 2.5 inch hard drive as long as it is Sata II(3.0gbps interface) and is formatted in fat32 which is the only file system it will recognize. But you'll want to format it with the ps3's internal formatting tool first once you install it.

    My Seagate Momentus G 2.5" 7200rpm 500GB hard drive works well in my ps3.

    As long as the ps3 can format the drive it will work.
  • frye
    Bentonsl_2010Wonder if this is a standard size hard drive or the bigger (taller) drive?
    It's apparently 3 mm too tall for most laptops.
  • jcaulley_74
    It is a 12.5mm drive height. This is the same as the WD 1TB that came out a couple months back. A few notebooks can fit them but not many.
  • ksampanna
    Then which ones can?
  • tipoo
    But is it 9.5mm high? If not, it will only fit in a select few laptops. 1TB with thee platters makes me think 12.5mm high.