HTC Profits Fall 79% in Climage of Stiff Competition

With rivals Apple and Samsung increasing their presence in the ever-competitive smartphone market, HTC has announced a 79 percent decrease in profits since last year.

The Taiwanese company reported its lowest quarterly net profit figures since 2006. The firm made 3.9 billion New Taiwan dollars ($133 million) in the third quarter, which is a steep decrease from the NT $18.64 billion ($633 million) it made in 2011.

Revenue, meanwhile, also experienced a decrease to 48 percent, equaling NT $70.2 billion from NT $135.82 billion last year.

HTC was once the largest smartphone maker by shipments via Google's Android platform back in 2010. However, due to the emergence of Samsung through its flagship Galaxy smartphone line-up and the always popular Apple iPhone, the company's profit has since dropped continuously.

As for the Galaxy S3, the smartphone has sold over 20 million units thus far, with Samsung expected to record over $7 billion in profit in the third quarter. The iPhone 5 itself hasn't been doing too bad, either: the latest iOS device sold over 5 million units over its launch weekend.

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  • eternalkp
    step it up.
    Make a phone like Oppo find 5 and compete with samsung
  • mayankleoboy1
    Their best bet : buy a few patents and sue apple. They should get some net profit from this.
  • whiteodian
    "HTC Profits Fall 79% in Climage of Stiff Competition" Climage, lol. :-B

    They produce some decent phones. Hopefully, they can turn it around.
  • cookoy
    climage? Shoot, i was hoping i'd learn a new word today.
  • waxdart
    A girl I knew once had "Climage".
  • thecolorblue
    that spelling mistake should have been caught 5 seconds after it was posted...

  • maxh2
    Because they keep doing stupid crap like releasing their flagship with non-removable battery and no micro-sd. Dumbasses...
  • maximus81
    Make a phone as thin as the Galaxy S3 and has a physical keyboard and i would pay anything for it.
  • marcel17
    It's not the stiff competition . There is no HTC phone that I would buy right now . The only HTC that could interest me ( EVO 4G ) is not available in my country ( Spain ) .
    Is it too much to ask in these days for a S4 Snapdragon with a decent LCD ( No efing AMOLED ) and a SD slot ? As far as now I need to see if Sony is willing to release the T or the V in Spain .
    I really don't care for thin phones , make it fat , old Xperia mini fat , but stick in good speaker ( s ) and a 2500 or dare I say 3000 mAh battery . Of course y would pay 50 - 70 $ more for the porky battery .
    I have nothing against HTC , my daily driver is a HTC Desire ( Bravo ) on ICS . It works fine but it really gets looooong in the tooth ...
  • flyflinger
    I predict an OEM tie-up deal with HP in the near future... both companies are hurting bad and need each other.