Lenovo Intros New Windows 8 Home Theater PC, AIOs

On Thursday Lenovo expanded its Windows 8 portfolio of products with a new home theater PC (HTPC), the IdeaCentre Q190. The company deems it as the world’s smallest full-function desktop PC, measuring just 0.86-inches wide and promising 80-percent faster processing performance than the previous IdeaCentre Q180 model.

While the full list of specs currently isn't available, the new mini-rig will offer up to a 3rd-generation Core i3 processor, up to 1 TB of HDD storage, and up to 24 GB of SSD cache. It will also provide up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory, depending on your wallet, and options like a Blu-ray optical drive, 7.1 surround sound, a compact wireless multimedia remote with built-in mini backlit keyboard, and mouse.

"The IdeaCentre Q190 may be compact, but it is as powerful as a full-sized PC with Windows 8 Pro and up to 80 percent faster processing performance than IdeaCentre Q180," the company said. "Users will enjoy steady Web browsing and HD video streaming, speedy music and video downloads and stutter free multitasking, allowing users to play music, download files and surf the web simultaneously with ease."

The IdeaCentre Q190 desktop will be available in January with models starting at approximately $349.

In addition to the new HTPC, Lenovo will launch a new series of AIO PCsl, the C-Series, featuring five models: the C340, C440, C540, C345 and C445. Basic features of this new line include up to 1 TB of HDD space (up to 2 TB for C540), up to 8 GB of RAM, a 720p HD webcam, Dolby Advanced Audio V2, Windows 8 and Lenovo's Education Portal packed with nine educational games for children.

"The Lenovo C340/C440/C540/C345/C445 are optimized for entertainment consumption with an adjustable screen display, Lenovo Dynamic Brightness System, which automatically adjusts screen brightness based on users’ current surroundings and Lenovo Eye Distance System, which alerts users if they are too close to the screen," the company said.

The C340 and C345 will feature a 20-inch HD LED display, the C440 and C445 will have a 21.5-inch display, and the C540 will have a 23-inch display. On the processor front, the C340, C440 and C540 will feature up to a 3rd-generation Intel Core i3 processor, whereas the C345 and C445 will be equipped with AMD's dual-core E2-Series APU with Radeon HD graphics.

"These AIOs fit into any home environment with a thin 'journal' design, modeled after the pages of a journal or book, for a clean, simplistic look, and a unique aluminum stand that utilizes minimal desk space and allows users to slot the keyboard under the screen," Lenovo said.

All five models will be available in January, and the starting prices will be as follows:

Lenovo C340 – $499
Lenovo C440 – $519
Lenovo C345 – $479
Lenovo C445 – $499
Lenovo C540 – $549

  • TomsSound
    Nice price and sharp looking equipment.

    I'm a little surprised it doesn't have a Touch Screen on the AIO's.
    With windows 8 shipping on most new home computers. You'd think they would want to leverage that feature.
  • xpeh
    bugidugiI think i gotta go to the optometrist, an AIO with a reasonable price?! GJ lenovo!
    Let's just hope that this one won't burst into flames :)
  • CaedenV
    wait... these don't look like they were designed in the 1980's... are we sure this is Lenovo?