Behind the Scenes With Our Holiday Gift Guide Models

Every year we painstakingly select the greatest products on the market for our array of Holiday Gift Guides. Whether you're shopping for the hardcore enthusiast in your life or the casual user who just wants a nice, light laptop to surf the web and send emails, we've got you covered.

Still, they wouldn't be Tom's Holiday Guides without the charming elves that help out in the workshop. To that end, we've enlisted three of the most beautiful helpers to make sure your holiday shopping is as pain-free as possible. You can expect to see the first of our guides next week, but here's a few sneaky behind-the-scenes pictures of the ever so helpful and delightful Carlyn to satisfy curious minds...

  • sheeplolz
  • docken02
    I think there was text associated with this article…but I couldn’t tell you, my eyes attention immediately went to the pictures.
  • hoofhearted
    What is Carlyn's last name, stage name, ??? Want to Google for some nudes...
  • Trialsking
    hoofheartedWhat is Carlyn's last name, stage name, ??? Want to Google for some nudes...I would say you are childish and disgusting, but sad to say, I was thinking the same thing...
  • Scoregie
    Man i want that laptop... Also thats a nice rug...
  • g-unit1111
    Does she come with the guide? :lol:
  • nikorr
    Already : )
  • nebun
    i think we need two models...maybe a little cuter?
  • cadder
    Carlyn? That means there must be 2 of them. I thought there was only one out in the world.

    Can't wait to see the guides!
  • lashabane
    nebuni think we need two models...maybe a little cuter?If she were any cuter, the camera would be sporting wood.