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Home Shopping Network Starts Selling Windows 8 PCs Early

Though many people have been running Windows 8 on their machines for months, computers won't actually ship with the full version of the OS until Windows 8's launch in a few weeks' time. Or so we thought.

Microsoft has long planned for a retail launch of October 26, however, it seems the folks at the Home Shopping Network have other ideas. At least they did before Microsoft managed to correct things. Over the weekend, the website for the 24-hour home shopping channel listed several Windows 8 machines for purchase and immediate shipping. These included three Gateway models and two Acer machines. Prices range from $700 to $1200.


At time of writing these listings had all been pulled. We're assuming they'll be back in time for the October 26 launch. Though a HSN rep previously told ZDNet that all of the PCs listed were in stock and would ship immediately when ordered, Microsoft issued its own statement to say it had asked HSN to discontinue the offer.

Unfortunately, HSN made this offer without the support or authorization of Microsoft. Microsoft and major retailers are getting ready for general availability of Windows 8 devices on 10/26 and not prior to that date. Once Microsoft learned of the HSN promotion, we contacted them and asked that they discontinue the on-air and online offer since it is not yet 10/26, the date that marks the official availability of Windows 8.

It's not yet clear if those that ordered the machines prior to their being removed from the site will receive their shipment early or if all orders have been cancelled.

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