Intel Core i7-4770K Listed By Dutch Retailer for Preorder

Dutch webshop MaxICT has listed the Intel Core i7-4770K for preorder. The listing doesn't say much, except that the CPU is delivered in a tray (not a boxed version), and that it has a clock speed of 3.5 GHz. The listing was already spotted earlier, but now it includes a release date.

The listing states that the chip is expected to ship on May 31, 2013, just a couple of weeks from now. The price for the CPU is listed at €331.13. In comparison, the i7-3770K (boxed) costs €302.32 from the same website. Both prices are including 21-percent VAT for Dutch residents. This would mean that the price of the i7-4770K in the US could be anywhere from $331.13 to $430.00, although it will probably be priced closer to the former, and slightly higher than its predecessor, the Core i7-3770K.

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  • BringMeAnother
    Probably not very exciting on the desktop front. Looking forward to those low TDP Haswell for laptops and tablets.
  • xomm
    Why is it always the Dutch?
  • Rahbot
    from what i read about the new haswell chips and motherboards I think I stay with AMD atm... Might check out that 5Ghz chip they releasing.