Nvidia Shows Off Ion 2 GPU Superiority in IE9

Nvidia yesterday blogged about IE9, speaking briefly about how the browser was built to take advantage of the GPU. The company also posted a video showing what IE9 will look like with GPU-accelerated HTML5, JavaScript and Direct 2D technology on the new ION-powered Asus EeePC 1201 PN and compared this to what users with traditional Atom-powered netbooks can expect.

Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Internet Explorer 9 Demo on NVIDIA ION Netbook

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  • Arguggi
    7 theme on the ION Netbook isn't set to Aero which can be quite resource demanding, comparison fail?
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  • sunzeal
    o.o IE 9 is gonna
  • sunzeal
    IE9 is gonna rock, hope it is faster, with faster tab browsing & yea FASTER.
  • mianmian
    why the basic graphics of the Atom could not do it? It's not 3D, but just 2D anyway.