LLUON A1 Atom-Based PC Knows How to Roll

The convergence of Internet and TV was a theme at IDF this year and the stylish LLUON A1 PC is a step in that direction

With a flood of Intel Atom-based PCs coming to market lately, it’s nice to see something different among them that makes a lot of sense. The newly announced Celrun LLUON A1 PC appears to have taken a lesson from Apple with its simplistic all-in-one design and added a useful twist – IPTV.

The system features both Windows and Linux, with the IPTV capabilities accessible through Linux, making the device not just a PC, but a TV as well. The 18.4-inch LCD display can fold up, allowing the entire system to be hung from the wall, and with the built-in speakers and microphone the entire system needs only one power cord. The LCD display is also of 16:9 ratio, making it more suited for movie and TV watching than the 16:10 ratios found on many other widescreen PC monitors of today. The system includes an Intel Atom N270 processor at 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, DVD Drive, Intel’s GMA950 graphics, a 1680x954 resolution display, LAN, USB 2.0, 4-in-1 memory card reader, D-Sub, and a 4kg weight.

While this system probably would not handle high-definition content that well, it should serve DVD watching and online video streams just fine and should be a good system for simple home or office use. The Celrun LLUON A1 PC also has the potential to be a great personal media center – whether you use the IPTV software or not – thanks to the included Intel Atom processor, paving the way for a quiet and energy efficient system.

The price has yet to be announced, but there is word that it will be released mid-September, supposedly coming to Korea, Europe and North America.