Super Flower Unveils the World's First Consumer 80+ Titanium PSU

Prominently featured at Super Flower’s booth at Computex 2013 is the Leadex Platinum 1000 W, a fully-modular power supply unit that is certified as 80 Plus Platinum and provides a power efficiency of 94 percent at 20 percent load, 96 percent at 50 percent load, and 91 percent at 100 percent load.

Aside from the Leadex Platinum’s staggering performance, it’s worth noting that it is perhaps the first consumer PSU that has achieved a certification that has previously only be held by server grade units.

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  • frj1371
    Platinum or Titanium, which one?
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  • frj1371
    Platinum or Titanium, which one?
  • Guillaume St-Charles
    I thought there were some 80+ platinum PSU on the market already no? Corsair AX series are all modular and are all 80+ platinum for example.
  • anort3
    The Platinum certified Super Flower units based on the Golden King platform are generally excellent. This one should be as well. Good to see someone keeping Seasonic on their toes!