Microsoft Refreshes Artsy Line of Mice with New Designs

Microsoft Hardware sent news of a refresh of its Limited Edition Artist Series of mice, part of the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 collection. The company's fashionable line of hardware now features six new designs for your clicking pleasure, ranging from paisley to red and purple stripes to yellow flowers on green.

In this round, featured artists include Dana McClureDeanne CheukKustaa SaksiMatt LyonJoy Deangdeelert Choand Si Scott. Each design demonstrates the artist’s personality and artistic approach, which helps "liven up any workspace". The designs are also signed by the artist, making for an interesting conversation piece (if anyone asks, that is).

"Not only does the Limited Edition Artist Mouse Series allow you to express your personality, it’s also ideal for productivity," the company said. "It features a battery life of up to eight months, and its 2.4 GHz wireless technology and BlueTrack Technology let you work, browse and play from virtually anywhere."

According to the specs, the mice are dynamically adaptable to 8000 frames per second. They also have a tracking speed of 1000 points per inch, and a max acceleration speed of up to 72 inches. Only three buttons are provided including the scrolling wheel, making these artsy mice more ideal for typical uses like web browsing and document edition.

The new mice also feature an ambidextrous design so that they'll work in any hand (lefties tend to get left out). Included is a plug-and-go nano transceiver that doesn't stick out when jammed into a laptop or desktop's USB 2.0 port, and can be stored within the mouse itself when travelling. All six retail for $29.95 each though Microsoft's online store, compatible with Windows 8 to Windows XP 32-bit (not 64-bit) and Mac.

For more information about the refreshed Limited Edition Artist Series, head here.

  • festerovic
    They look OK, I can't say as I've ever seen an artsy mouse before. Logitech MX518 was pretty cool looking. But I can't forgive the choice to not include side buttons for forward/back browsing. Can't live without them now.
  • jhansonxi
    They seem to be putting much effort into mouse designs. I thought they were pushing for touchscreens everywhere.
  • Gundam288
    Let me get this right. Wireless, USB 2.0, 1000 DPI, 8 month battery life, and yet no mouse 4 and 5 buttons or xp 64 bit compatibility? come on....
  • southernshark
    I'm curious how this even makes news.
  • soundping
    Looks like a cupcake with sprinkles.
  • Unolocogringo
    Wish someone would make a large mouse again. I have very large hands and most mice are small very and uncomfortable after an hour or so gaming.
    First thing I look for is size.
  • themissingpiece
    These mice are of pretty good quality. They're portable, easy to use, and last quite a while on a quality battery. They're solid mice for home users.
  • Stimpack
    Looks like the 80s.