Logitech's Unified Mouse, Keyboard Receiver

The days of wired keyboard and mice are mostly over, even for desktops where having an extra couple of wires isn't a big deal. Unless one's system is equipped with Bluetooth and paired with all Bluetooth devices, wireless keyboards and/or mice will take up USB ports.

While some keyboard and mouse combos (sold as "wireless desktops") can sometimes share a receiver, it's usually of the bulky variety. Logitech now improves upon things by taking its 'nano' USB receiver and making it compatible with a several choices of keyboards (the both ergonomic and traditional choices of K350 and K340) and mice (M705 and M505 for desktops and laptops).

Of course, the draw of the nano receiver are strongest for the laptop market, which rarely needs an external keyboard. And those with desktops haven't been crying out for more compact and portable USB receivers. Nevertheless, the technology for both desktops and laptops are merging, and we're not going to complain about that.

Check out Gizmodo's gallery for more pictures of the new products.

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  • chaohsiangchen
    The days of wired keyboard and mice are mostly over

    Far from it. Nobody wants to find batteries in the middle of a COD4 fight, and only finds out that he ran out of them and has to drive 10 minutes only to get resupply.

    PCs in public spaces also require wired keyboards and mice, because some people will just take with them.

    Wired devices are also cheaper.

    Unified receiver is a good idea that should have existed long time ago.
  • dzeric
    I've got a wireless mouse, but regret it due to wifi interference. I can change my own routers channel, but if my neighbors are broadcasting on the same channel as my mouse I've gotta move the receiver so it is almost touching the mouse.
    My point: Wireless has some bugs to work out before I'll cut my cables.
  • maigo
    If it doesn't work with the MX Revolution, I don't care