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Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse Boasts 3-year Battery Life

If you're among the majority of computer users who don't do everything possible to preserve battery life in your accessories, Logitech's M525 wireless mouse might be for you. The ergonomic design and supposedly extremely accurate scroll wheel are decent (if standard) features, but the mouse's real selling point is the purported 3-year battery life that, if true, promises to make the frustrating search for your long-forgotten cache of AA's a rarity. The battery life was tested on a simulated profile of a typical user. That study looked at factors ranging from type of work performed, the surface on which users used their mouse, frequency of use and battery type. Logitech have not made the specifics of their study explaining precisely how they reached the 3-year figure public, but interested readers can review the short article posted on their website explaining their conclusion in vague terms.

If you're interested, it's best to be a Windows user. The mouse supports XP, Vista and Windows 7. Mac users need OSX 10.5 and higher, and Linux users need kernel 2.6 and up. Just make sure you remember to turn the danged thing off before putting it into your messenger bag.