MSI Also Integrating Creative Sound Blaster Cinema Audio on Certain Motherboards

Some of MSI's new motherboards will feature the well known Creative Sound Blaster Cinema audio which consists of a physical chip partnered with a software suite that should significantly enhance the audio quality delivered from on-board audio. 

Some of the features that will be found on the new chip are:

  • SBX Bass: A low frequency enhancer
  • SBX Crystalizer: A software trick to restore quality to low and high frequencies from compressed data
  • SBX Dialog Plus: A voice enhancer for voices in games and films
  • SBX Surround: A software trick to create surround-esque effects through headphones and expands the perceived number of speakers in the room
  • SBX Smart Volume: An automatic volumizer that will protect the listener from sudden sounds and abrupt volume changes.

Speaking on the announcement, Low Long Chye, General Manager of Audio for Creative stated that "we are very excited to provide MSI with the latest in Sound Blaster sound technology on its new gaming motherboards. This is the next step of our great ongoing relationship where MSI introduces new standards of Sound Blaster audio technology designed specifically for motherboard products."

Whilst MSI plans to unveil its range of Sound Blaster equipped motherboards during this year's CeBIT, we've already spotted the chip on MSI's new X79A-GD45 PLUS Motherboard.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • blackmagnum
    The fad had passed.
  • monkeymonk
  • freggo
    'software tricks'... sounds like a cheesy infomercial.
  • s3anister
    While I'm not exactly a fan of anything "sound blaster" or "creative"; for a long time I've felt that on-board audio is tends to only be lacking in the software department. Really, all motherboards should have some level of software like this even if they use a normal Realtek 892/898.
  • rantoc
    Its an improvement, sure some integrated solutions have good snr ect but they commonly lack in the dynamics of the sound, the sound they produce are grey and lifeless. A dedicated sound-card worth mentioning from for instance creative or asus reproduce the sound with clarity and far better detail provided the listener is using a speaker/headphone than can convey that extra detail.
  • photonboy
    Even the latest Realtek audio chip is noticeably poorer quality sound than even an inexpensive sound card. You won't notice with crappy speakers though.

    Most of the features like "Crystalizer" reduce the sound quality not improve it. Turn them off.
  • ojas
    A voice enhancer for voices in games and fims
    Not sure what those are, must try them out soon. :P
  • sten_gn
    Last good sound card was SB Live 5.1 ... SB x-fi was working had some futures BUT it lacked of polishing. Under XP problems with front panel connectors and that lack of recognizing of games and normal software ...
  • lpedraja2002
    Still using my original X-Fi Xtreme Music, kind of sad how Creative sort of disappeared from the face of the earth. Whatever happened to EAX? I remember a time when all good PC games supported EAX and it did make a difference in sound. Good times.
  • shafe88
    ojasNot sure what those are, must try them out soon.I think they misspelled films as fims.

    Now if they could make an amd based MINI ITX motherboard with sound blaster audio for HTPC.