MSI's Big Bang Mobo Offers THX Yummyness

Earlier today, MSI officially announced its collaboration with Creative and THX to bring their audio technologies to the upcoming Big Bang motherboard. According to the company, the new mobo line is slated to be the first to implement THX TruStudio PC along with Creative's EAX Advanced HD 5.0 audio technology.

For consumers and gamers alike, this means that video, music, and games will (hopefully) sound better than typical onboard sound, while remaining true to the intention of the artists who created the content. “We consider Creative to be the best gaming audio provider worldwide and believe our cooperation will redefine the listening experience among the gaming community," said Jason Lee, MSI's Marketing Director.

According to this countdown clock, the Big Bang doesn't explode onto retail shelves for another twenty-one days (October 29). MSI first offered a glimpse of the mobo during the Intel Developer Forum, announcing its partnership with LucidLogix to incorporate the Lucid HYDRA 200 real-time distributed processing engine, allowing universal multi-GPU support.

"MSI's BigBang Motherboard is a turning point for the multi-GPU industry," said Offir Remez, President of LucidLogix. "Our close collaboration with MSI has allowed us to rapidly design and produce a first-ever universal multi-GPU motherboard that takes a major leap into mass market parallel graphics processing."

  • mlcloud
    For those of you who aren't familiar with Lucid 200, It will allow multi-gpu without any driver mess and much better scalability than your crossfire and sli.... If it works. If it works, it will very literally revolutionize the concept of multi-GPU.

    MSI is making a big move, and all I can say it... ABOUT TIME.
  • Judguh
    It would be pretty awesome if consumers aren't limited to just one type of gpu scaling (crossfire/sli.) My question is why isn't Lucid working with AMD? It's awesome that they're working with Intel, but if AMD procs would be included in this, that would mean total freedom as to what CPU-GPU combo you want, right?
  • apache_lives
    vorlessI like this, too bad I dislike MSI.
    I sure as hell will never be buying an MSI product again
  • daft
    sweet, just in time for ubuntu 9.10!
  • jhansonxi
    What is the problem with MSI? Are they unreliable? I've had good and bad motherboard models from almost any manufacturer. I don't reject any for life (although Soyo has come close).
  • mowston
    Any AMD motherboards coming? I would hate to have to upgrade everything in my system at once.
  • ChuvelxD
    mowstonAny AMD motherboards coming? I would hate to have to upgrade everything in my system at once.
    Absolutely nothing. People just get very biased about things that they've had trouble with. I too have had problems with all manufatures of tech, it's just enevidible, but I won't put down a genuinely great piece of technogly because of some self-richeous, biased opinion. They'll keep complaining, while we get our performance. That's just my opinion.

    On topic, the THX audio SELLS me this board. Easy, motherboard performance is such a trivial thing anyways.
  • notzaar
    Is that a 4890 and a 275 side by side? What's up with that?
  • Ambictus
    apache_livesI sure as hell will never be buying an MSI product again
    I wouldn't write MSI off. I've never had a bad board from MSI where as I've had multiple bad boards with ASUS. Just bad luck, doesn't mean I'll never buy ASUS again.
  • kelfen
    having a bad motherboard is like the opposite of winning the lottery or drawing a name out of a hat can happen to any manufacture.