EVGA Launches GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition

Though EVGA's new GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition is advertised as offering "brand new, never before seen features," it is virtually identical to Nvidia's reference GTX 680 graphics card. Aside from including the company's in-house cooling design, it can only cite software comparability as a notable feature.

As the name suggests, the GTX 680 Mac Edition is intended for Early 2008 (or later) Mac Pro computers and has out-of-the-box support for Mac OS X v10.8.3 and Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 via Apple Boot Camp.

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NameNvidia Reference GTX 680EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition
Core Clock1006 MHz1006 MHz
Boost Clock1059 MHz1058 MHz
Memory2 GB GDDR5 256-bit2 GB GDDR5 256-bit
Memory Clock6008 GHz6008 GHz
Texture Fillrate128.8 GT/s128.8 GT/s

The EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Mac Edition's pricing and availability is still unknown, but we can safely expect to see it retail at a higher price point than a standard GTX 680.

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  • A Bad Day
    "Hey look at Sapphire and their 7970! We should do the same..."

    My prediction:

    "Hm, what if we release a limited edition GTX Titan for the Macs as well?..."
  • rjandric
    Or just buy the PC version sans boot screen (EFI) and save a bundle. Kepler cards are supported out of the box.
  • dimar
    Should have released GTX Titan instead, while charging 10 times the price.
    Do any GOOD games run on MAC, yet? What's the point?
  • abbadon_34
    I can see the forum post now "How put this my iphone?"
  • twelve25
    Good news if you have a $3000+ Mac Pro. It ain't gonna fit in an iMac.

  • unksol
    Toms late on the April fools? A Mac immune system would reject this transplant immediately... It's not white.
  • yobobjm
    JOSHSKORNDo any GOOD games run on MAC, yet? What's the point?Deus Ex Human Revolution, but my bet is that will run on intel HD 4000 :D
  • yobobjm
    I actually wonder why companies like EVGA are investing in this. It will only fit the Mac pro, which sells in EXTREMELY low numbers, and yet it probably costs a decent amount to develop and produce the card. Will this even turn a profit?
  • golfdk
    C`mon Evga bleed those mac trolls for some green : )