Limited-Edition MacBook Costs $207,900

A limited-edition MacBook by Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes is the now proud owner of the "world's most luxurious laptop" label, earning its prize by costing a meaty $207,900 USD. While this is a limited edition, the Air Supreme Ice Edition isn't sporting out-of-this world hardware that will drive your car and shop for groceries. What this portable rig sports is diamonds, gems, and platinum... everything a hardware enthusiast doesn't need.

"Encrusted with 25.5 cts of ‘I'F' Flawless diamonds, a magnificent total of 53 individually set sparkling gems dwell beautifully in their solid Platinum Apple logo," reads the company's description. The front housing is made from a single sheet of solid, highly-polished platinum. The remaining portions feature a polished aluminum finish.

A thorough investigation of the website revealed no actual hardware specs. Apparently in this case it's all about what the hood's appearance rather than what's under it. Still, if you have the funds, grab it quick, as there are only 10 units to be made.

But we think this is the worst way to spend $207,990 USD.

  • jlyu
  • zerapio
    Is this the price for like the whole stock of limited edition Mack Books?
  • HalJordan
    $207,900? Why is Apple cutting the price of its MacBook?
  • twisted politiks
    i wonder how that platinum is going to affect heating?
  • jakew120
    HalJordan$207,900? Why is Apple cutting the price of its MacBook?
    I laughed.
  • skykaptain
    I'll take my black, steel, 60 lb case over that. Not worth it.
  • Gryphyn
    Hi, I'm Mac.
    And I'm a PC.
    Mac, why do you cost so frigging much?
    You wouldn't understand PC.
    ...I don't understand, that's why I'm asking.
    Well you see, PC, I am made of a precious metal and have lots of these sparkling gemstones all over the place.
    ...But none of that does anything at all. You're asking people to pay money for a useless addition to your product.
    Well of course I am. See, I told you you wouldn't understand.
  • tipoo
    At least diamonds and platinum won't be obsolete in two years.
  • Im going to sell my house to buy this. I must have it.
  • Emperus
    I always believed MAC's have the best designs and whenever there would be a limited edition, its got to be in platinum.. Not to sure about the diamonds though.. But it really adds up to the alredy brilliant looks..