This Mad Catz 'Albino' Gaming Mouse Costs $100

Late last week, Mad Catz said that it had begun shipping its new Cyborg R.A.T. Albino gaming mouse for the PC and Mac, packed with an enhanced 6400 DPI sensor, improved tracking capabilities and a matte "Albino" white finish to boot. It also comes toting a hefty $100 USD pricetag, meaning you probably won't see it sitting on the shelves at Walmart and Target.

"Our range of Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mice continues to perform impressively at retail and show sustainable longevity in the range." said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. "We recently announced compatibility with Mac OS via a free download and we are excited to introduce the special edition Albino model, which we believe will allow us to continue our strong growth in this sector and keep us at the forefront of gaming technology."

South paw gamers are obviously left out of the picture as usual, as Mad Catz's new mouse is designed for the right-handed PC gaming crowd. And just in appearance alone, the gadget looks more like a makeshift space shuttle or a one-man fighter craft yanked straight out of the Star Wars prequels than anything "mousy" (pew pew). There's also more to the gadget than just its good looks: the technical specs reports that it features a dynamic polling rate of up to 1000 Hz, tracking speed of up to 6m/sec, an acceleration of 50G and a gold-plated connector.

In addition to the specs, this beastly gaming mouse also provides additional pinkie grips and palm rests (three each). It also offers a customizable weight system, allowing gamers to add or subtract up to five additional 6-gram weights for maximum precision. The company's included Cyborg ST software provides the means to change the DPI, set the Precision Aim cursor sensitivity, program the buttons, create custom profiles and more.

Currently the $100 Cyborg R.A.T. Albino gaming mouse is still listed as "pre-order" over on GameShark's online store, as seen here. The actual availability of the product was not specified, so stay tuned to this same R.A.T. channel.

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  • hoofhearted
    Looks more like a sewing machine to me.
  • jackbling
    please tell me that no one on toms falls for the cheap nikes or 6 dollar ipads.....

    on topic i really like the first rat, and would consider buying this one just to rebel mod it for star wars. right now i have a naga i dont use and my old reliable g5; its about time for a new one.
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  • ujaansona
    I don't have money to waste, so I bought a cheap mouse at Rs.250(5$)
  • pbrigido
    When did the mouse stop being a mouse?
  • jlats26
    are they serious? its overpriced, surprisingly hideous, and marketed towards right-handed hardcore PC gamer millionaires? The name doesn't help either....."Albino" gaming mouse...really?